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follow just live the ten commandments, try that one on for size. i don't think you can go to washington and not lose your soul. i've never met somebody who went to washington and came back and i said you're a better person. have you? >> come to think of it, i don't know if i have, glenn. >> glenn: how do you -- because the parties, the system is so infected, how do you as an individual go in -- i'm not asking if you're going to run. but let's just say you were going to run. how do you go in and how do i as voter know you're not going to cut so many side deals to get that power that by the time you had that power you're no longer who we needed? >> i think a voter first needs to sin veerly know -- it sounds impossible, but sincerely know who that candidate is to see what their track record and to see if they had lost their soul along the way. >> glenn: we're not even talking about track record anymore. we're not talking about how did you vote? we're talking about trust. how do you restore trust and honor, how do we even know anymore? >> that is what everybody is asking. that is what those
are worried there has been a sudden escalation and maybe it is because of a perceived weakness in washington. what do you say? >> talking about perceived weakness really is at the level of politics which we don't need. there are terrorists and jihaddists throughout the world in the middle east and over in the philippines and in indonesia and i guess some are right here in america. so it is a long-term struggle. we have to keep at it. and in that context, i think national unity is better than nitpicking every outburst that we receive from the terrorists because there will be more. and we are very fortunate to stop the one that came about just recently. >> geraldo: i agree about the ni testimonypick. to me part of the problem is the bureaucracy itself. the departmen department of hod security. i don't think they accomplished anything except maybe the red, orange, green, yellow light that i still don't know what they mean. i think the only meaningful advances are the armored doors in the aircraft themself that protect the flight crew and the fact that passengers as in the christmas day underwea
. this administration finally realized over the year colorado, text a-washington, d.c., florida, they finally get it. we need a proper tone from this administration that war on terror is real and individuals are here that they want to kill us in large numbers and the president needs to change it back and tell us that we are at war. >> i think that that's an extremely important point to remember. this is a war. it's not a lot of isolated incidents. this is not a lot of accidents. these are people who have been trained, they have been radicalized. they have goals and their goals are to kill americans. they don't wear uniforms. they don't use weapons the way we think of war in the cold war sense or world war ii cen 2 sen. that's why it's so upsetting that we are treating them as if they are civilians. we are treating them as american citizens giving them full rights. >> we have d reversed. >> we have it all wrong. we should be treating these people in military tribunals hearing them in cases in courts that are not on the national news every night. what they are talking about doing now not only with the sha
in washington, d.c. there are 50,000 haitians sleeping here day and night going back to tuesday night. the red coulds tells us there were 40 plus places that have literally held up human names. this is the only place they have to go for now shelter is a major concern. as you well know throughout the city of port-au-prince. we are with the florida rescue team there's a supermarket talked about they pulled three hishians they were alive. they thought they would have pretty good success throughout the day. there are rescues still taking place 6 days after the quake. there still is hope here in haiti. we talked to some of the americans who came here to help the people and they have seen disasters of all kind throughout theen tire world. the biggest problem they see in haiti is the sheer magnitude of the disaster. there are too many jobs to do, too many to get done. they say you give us a job we will make sure it happens to you. there are still so much need throughout the city today. we have seen more heavy duty equipment that's a good sign. moving more debris off the main road operated the haitian
from washington, d.c. to las vegas diverted to denver, police interviewing the man. the fbi telling fox news it was in the terrorism related. no word yet if the man will be charged a airport spokesman saying it's quote vir wallly impossible to open an exterior door in mid flight. >> a maij areor clean up following a major oil spill in a texas port two. ships colliding in port arthur. it forced some people from their homes. the tanker's crew reportedly pumping 69,000 barrel frtz damaged ship and about 450,000 gallons leaked into the water. now, back to more ofger rald yes at large. >>> welcome back to "geraldo at large." i'm kimberly guilfoyle. we will be returning to geraldo in haiti in a few moments. first, in a week full of political bomb shells john edwards may have taken the cake. the families landerring former senator and presidential candidate finally came clean about his love child with rielle hunter. with me mow is syndicated columnist ann coulter and fox news political analyst kiersten pourers. ann, your' not surprised, right, about edward's paternity admission? >> you could kn
-au-prince haiti's earthquake ravaged capital joining me from washington, d.c. the ambassador to haiti to the united states. ambassador joins me as does executive director of the united nations world food program. how can you bare it? how are you holding up? >> well the out pouring solidarity of the people of the united states in the world has been able to hold me up. i am saying thank you knotted only in my name but the name of the government of haiti the foreign minister told me more than once don't forget eerie time you have a chance to say thank you. we have been really heartened by the response to this crisis. and we know we are going to get through. we are goi going to get through. >> i hope from your lips to god's ears, dsh director shiran tremendous frustration a lot of hungry people out there. om considerable anger about the lack of food supplies. weeke can we report that will be accelerated? >> i just got back from haiti was living in a tent with our staff there 90 percent of whom lost their homes are sleeping in the streets and delivering food during the day. we have gotten
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)